Westmont Family Counseling – Ways to create a functional and healthy family

In order to work effectively with families, it is necessary that you have the knowledge and the skills required for working with people who are affected by psychiatric problems. Different treatments are needed for different disorders, such as child and alcohol abuse disorders, depressions, psychoses or use disorders. They need information and psychoeducation on their illnesses, as well as additional guidance about dealing Connections CS with the individual with mental issues.

These sessions provide basic information to patients and their families about the illness they are suffering, as well as its cause, prognosis, treatment plan, and course. These informational sessions usually last between 2 and 6 hours depending on how long the clients’ families are willing to spend.

The most common simple intervention is to resolve conflict between parents and their adolescents at home. This requires counseling both sides about what they expect from the other party and an increase in direct, open communication.

What are the goals of Family Therapy?

In family therapy, the goals are: to create better communication at home, increase family understanding and harmony, reduce family conflict, find solutions for family issues and improve relationships. Also, it involves:

Investigating the relationship between family dynamics and psychopathology.
Motivate the internal strengths and resources of the family.
Restructuring of family styles
Families should be encouraged to improve their problem solving skills.

In addition, the family intervention also covers aspects such as future plans, marital prospects, employment prospects, medication monitoring, pregnancy in women and behavioral management. These family interventions provide important information, which can take up to six hours.

In psychoeducation, the explanation to family members regarding the future marriage prospects of someone with psychiatric disorder is an example. Separate attention is needed for specific details about the marriage as well as other matters. Such issues can require families to give feedback and focus on them.

Therapists can focus on the analysis of previous incidents of conflict by reviewing the past and offering alternative solutions that could have been used. They may also just go straight to the source of the conflicts, like showing the patterns in interaction the family might have missed.

Why family intervention is necessary

Listed below are some referral reasons. However, they can also serve as an early indicator of hidden issues within the family which may be discovered through other assessments.

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